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FAQs : 10 Reasons to Design or Redesign Your Site

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  1. Provide a shared information resource.
    Provide an internal, secure resource (intranet) for internal employees and partners (extranet).

  2. Provide customer service.
    Have a unique, professional image that separates you from your competition. If your website looks more professional, is more visible, and answers your customer's questions, chances are you will get more business.

  3. Make your staff more efficient.
    Instead of discussing pricing, product options, directions, and other common information over the phone, you can streamline your business by providing information online to your customers.

  4. Reduce print costs.
    Instead of spending money on costly brochures, catalogues, product overviews, you can save money over time by directing customers to your website instead. You can further reduce costs by offering web-based versions of forms that your company routinely needs filled out, like vacation request forms from employees and surveys for customers.

  5. Increase name recognition and exposure.
    When we optimize your site for search engine rankings, you will notice more visitors coming to your website. This is also enhanced by providing your new web address to your customers on business cards, receipts, and other business documents. When your business is closed, your website is still selling and providing information to your customers.

  6. Find out more about your customers.
    With surveys and voting on your website, you can find out more about your customer. Especially if they may win a discount or prize for doing so. You can offer discounts over the web, which encourages your customers to supply their information and let you know how they found your business.

  7. Globalize and expand your business.
    On the internet, you can extend your business outside the state, region, and country.

  8. Boost your image—it means business.
    A well-designed website can enhance the appearance of your business and make your company appear more professional, larger, and more credible. Your website can enhance the quality assumed for your products and services. For instance, when you choose a gas station to fill your vehicle, do you prefer an attractive gas station that's well organized with easy-to-use services? Or do you choose the older station, that's infrequently maintained with outdated technology? The same business principle applies to websites. Customers gravitate towards sites that are uncluttered, easy to use, well-organized, and provide them with the information and services they are looking for.

  9. The flexibility you need.
    Your website can do most anything you need it to, and it can be flexible enough to change along with your business, with a little help from us.

  10. A salesperson that never sleeps.
    With merchant and shopping cart capability, your customers can still shop with you. Even while you sleep, your business can be making money for you.


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